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What a company has advanced yesterday is no longer necessarily the right path today

When expanding into other markets or locations, a review of the specific conditions is of the utmost importance, whether in cultural, economic or legal terms. Many companies quickly reach their internal limits in terms of capacity or know-how.

Business Expansion

We close this gap and support, for example, from the determination of the operational business model over possible approaches to customer acquisition through to the research of suitable local business partners, the tasks that the respective expansion project requires:

  • Development and implementation of sales models and strategies for market entry including lead generation
  • Support in the adaptation of product or service models for the respective location
  • Research of potential corporate partners, e.g. in the context of a strategic partnership or M&A
  • Support in setting up a new company within a country with regard to the appropriate form and structure of the company

Uptico’s expansion ABC (Acquire/Build/Connect) comprises various variants of an operational corporate structure that can be used to open up new markets or establish additional locations.

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