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Anyone who does not "think digitally" from the very beginning will not be successful in the long run

Digital Consideration

Companies that have previously mainly operated on a stationary basis should, especially at the beginning of an expansion idea, examine whether and to what extent the integration of digital marketing and sales can be the right strategy for marketing products and services efficiently and successfully at other locations or markets.

When entering new geographic markets, companies that already operate predominantly online are often confronted with the need to set up additional locations or branches, whether for operational tasks or for local customer service.

Digital Provisitions

By working hand in hand with our clients, we always analyse the most sensible measures by taking into account the individual needs of the company:

  • Is the existing corporate offering suitable for an effective digital marketing and sales concept?
  • Which digital measures can be taken in order to provide nationwide coverage or to test or develop new geographic markets abroad?
  • Which other sales channels might be suitable for an online expansion (e.g. a dedicated e-commerce website or marketing and sales via partner portals)?
  • Are stationary measures necessary for digital expansion? If so, which ones?

On the basis of the insights gained, the most sensible measures for digital expansion often result in the form of a multi-channel measure combining "online/offline".

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