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Companies aiming at successful corporate expansion should do so on the basis of a sound development strategy

Analysis of the current company structure

For many companies, expansion can be the right strategy for transferring economic success to other markets or countries, securing market share and increasing profits. However, the implementation of an expansion project requires careful preparation in order to avoid wrong decisions and financial setbacks

Strategic development

At Uptico, we are committed to the provision of operational support to companies, their expansion plans and their implementation within Europe.

By working hand in hand with companies that are still at the beginning of an expansion idea, we develop an action plan that is exactly tailored to the needs of the respective company. By conducting a targeted inventory analysis in cooperation with our clients, we develop an expansion strategy that is individually geared to the company and its potential - by asking questions and finding the answers:

  • What is the company structure and what expansion opportunities are available?
  • What opportunities and risks does expansion offer for the existing product range?
  • Which markets or locations would be suitable and to what extent would existing products or services have to be adapted to local conditions?
  • Which marketing and sales concept makes the most sense for the expansion project?
  • What unique selling points does the company offer in order to compete with its competitors in the targeted market?

Action plan

The result of these considerations is a strategic action plan, the scope of which is always oriented to the individual needs of a company - and not least to which of the following expansion steps - either as a complete package or as individual components - make long-term sense.

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