Heck Insurance


Insurance & Bank


Belgium (HQ)
Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France

With almost 100 years of company history, ready for the next phase of its corporate development both domestically and abroad

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The leading East Belgian insurer Heck, founded in 1919, began its latest expansion project with the acquisition of a historic dairy, which was transformed into the new company headquarters and associated bank, taking into account the requirements of a modern insurance company. At the same time, another branch was opened and included in the company expansion as an additional external location.


In the course of this expansion, Uptico was responsible for the complete multilingual brand realignment of Heck Versicherungen as a basis for further company development in the interior of Belgium and in neighbouring countries such as Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France. Uptico was also responsible for the management of the implementation of the brand architecture in the new premises.

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