An der Amel


Wacol GmbH

Belgien /Luxemburg


Belgien (Projekt)
Deutschland, Luxemburg, Niederlande, Frankreich

Creation of transnational marketing and sales channels with the help of multilingual online and offline measures

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The “An der Amel” project comprises the construction of 12 new high-quality individual properties, each of which 3 to 4 apartments, located in Deidenberg in the Belgian Eifel. Characterized by the location’s high quality of life, the focus of these buildings is primarily on ecological aspects, such as the use of renewable energies and natural wastewater treatment.


The location of the project in the border area with the neighbouring countries of Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France prompted the client to commission Uptico to develop a transnational and multilingual marketing strategy for the individual properties. The aim was to attract investors and buyer groups beyond Belgium’s borders through targeted online and offline marketing measures.

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